Whole House Energy Diagnostics



You could be losing hundreds of dollars through air leaks in your home and ductwork. The average duct system loses 25 – 40% of the air conditioning units capacity. These leaks allow unconditioned air from your attic or crawlspace into your home. Air leaks around plumbing, windows, and doors allow conditioned air to escape.This makes the system work harder to maintain temperature, and greatly affects indoor air quality.

Our technicians are trained and certified through the Building Performance Institute to calculate and repair leaks. A Minneapolis Blower Door and Duct Blaster system is used to find and measure problem areas.


Here’s a source of air leak at the register robbing the home owner of effective cooling and heating.

After leakage rates are established and recorded, our technicians seal those leaks using BPI approved materials and techniques. Save money and stop the leaks.

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